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The business world is a people world.

Even though technology informs every corner of modern industry, business is still powered by people and relationships. And effective communication is what keeps business moving.

Great communicators aren’t born. They’re coached.

Soft skills in business can take years of experience and practice to master. Until now.

Ox uses AI to supercharge how teams learn on the job.

Ox is a new paradigm of training.

Ox's generative AI platform helps teams conquer their business communication challenges, continuously improve, and build on their success.

This is the future of work.

Business communication is a career-long journey.

Ox is the shortcut.

Ox gives you the conversation playbooks and frameworks to build upon so you're never starting from scratch.

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Upskill your team in minutes, not months.

Your team can only grow as fast as you coach them.

Designing skill certifications is an involved and lengthy process. Well, it used to be.

With Ox, you can now generate job skills with immersive practice in minutes.

Just describe what you need in a few sentences. Our generative AI does the rest. It’s not technically magic... but it’s close.

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Practice, plus AI coaching, makes perfect.

Get in the reps.

Ox’s AI coach lets teams practice extremely realistic conversations, informed by your past interactions with real customers.

If at first you don’t succeed, learn and try again.

Real-time analysis identifies areas of strength and suggests what to work on. So you can learn from mistakes before they matter.

Great teams practice together.

Run through practice scenarios as a group to discover new strategies, talking points, team-wide strengths, and growth areas.

Train anywhere, anytime.

Run through practice scenarios as a group to discover new strategies, talking points, team-wide strengths, and growth areas.

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Let’s try a little role play.

No two customers are the same. That’s why Ox lets you practice and learn from conversations with a wide variety of different personas.

I’d like to hear more.

Train with our voice-based tools to work on critical listening and verbal delivery, then get instant, actionable feedback.

Or practice written communications like response emails, chats and tickets. And get insights on sentiment, messaging, and more.

Your customers are here.

Ox uses past interactions with your customers to create realistic virtual personas.

Now you can practice that big call with Gary, well before that big call with Gary.

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There in the big moments.

When it’s time for the big meeting, call, or conversation, you’re not on your own. Your AI coach is right there in Zoom, providing real-time suggestions, playbooks, and talking points.

Quantify just how hard you crushed it.

Post-call scorecards break down how each team member performed, and how to improve for next time.

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Coach based on your work, not guesswork.

Connect the tools where work happens to effortlessly create your Ox Index that gets referenced when creating playbooks and immersive practice.

Ox AI + your Ox Index has the ability to understand and emulate:

  • Your products, features, value props, pain points, and use cases.
  • The context and goals of the different types of conversations that happen in the customer journey.
  • Your customers and their needs, based on past interactions.
  • Previously asked questions and suggested answers.
  • Your team and their areas of opportunity to improve.
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Progress is a long road. Supercharge your engine.

Ox makes it easy for both managers and team members to discover areas for growth and take immediate action.

Learn as you grow.

Keep practicing, keep improving. We’ll track your performance over time, helping you constantly improve.

Build together.

Detailed analytics help teams track their performance and development with insights that help them thrive.

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Reimagine the future of work with Ox.

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